Mini Hoop Cross Stitch Project for Car Rear View Mirror

I’ve recently tried doing a couple mini hoop projects. I did the first one because I wanted to have something to hang on my car’s rear view mirror. So I picked up a few mini hoops and started cross-stitching. These are done on 18 count Aida clothe. For the car rear view hanger, I used a dainty boba design.

What I learned when using the mini hoop

I think the mini hoop is great for quick projects because it’s small. Most likely you’ll complete your project within a couple of days. It’s also lightweight so it’d work really well for the car rear-view mirror hanger. Because you don’t need too much floss, this is perfect for finishing leftover floss.

What is tricky about the mini hoop is the fact that the hoop is small, there’s less space for maneuvering the needle, for example when closing your thread. The design is also limited in complexity.

How to close off the back of the mini cross-stitch project

For this car rear view mirror hanger project, the back of the hoop can be viewable easily, so I don’t want the back of the canvas to be open to be seen. As you can see on the picture below, I used a piece of cotton cloth, from a fat quarter, to cover the back of the porject. I laid the finished project on the cloth, and made a line with a pencil or pen, and then cut along that line forming a circle. Afterwards, I applied superglue around the outside of the circle to be attached to the hoop. Try not to get any glue on the canvas where your work is, because when you put it up as a hanger, with the bright sunlight in the background, you’ll see the glue.

Would I do it again? Yes, absolutely! It was fun that I promptly made another one! This time it’s the mini fireworks design, a monochrome pattern.



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