Game of Shrooms 2024

I recently learned of the Game of Shrooms and decided to enter it this year. What is the Game of Shrooms?

It’s an egg-hunt style annual event that’s attended by artists world wide. On exactly June 8th every year, artists everywhere hide their art works and share the location of these art works on the map on the official website of the Game of Shrooms. This event was initiated in 2019 by Dan Seifert (aka Attaboy).


A entry to the game of shroom is a chance of collaboration with 3D designers / artists Tidy Mesh, who are willing to custom create a hoop cover for us, to be used with our shroom entry and make the backside of our work look way better! Be on the look out for our shroom on June 8th! For the location, please visit their instagram account for clues leading to the day, and on the day of!

A couple of pictures from the process and a free quick pattern 🙂 below!

And the next few pictures are the finished product, before and after the hoop cover is installed. I used a little bit of white beads for the mushroom spots to make it extra. 🙂



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