Moon Cat Cross Stitch Pattern


Lazy lunar kitty (2 color schemes)

Stitches: 115 W x 120 H.

See details in Description tab below.


Digital download of 2 cross stitch patterns (different in color suggestion). No physical cross stitch will be sent to you.

You will receive 2 PDF files of each of the patterns that you can download and print yourself. One pdf file is the pattern laid out on a single page, and the other is the same pattern in a larger printout (multiple pages) so that you can see it better. Also included, 1 extra PDF file called the “Pattern Info” that helps you size your project.

By purchasing this pattern, you’re allowed to create the cross stitch and sell the cross stitch work. You are not allowed to give, or share, or sell the pattern in any forms, digital or physical.

Suggested floss for Moon Cat pattern (refer to picture with bright Aida cloth background):
– DMC D0422 (2 skeins, 18 count)
– DMC D803 (2 skeins, 18 count)
– DMC D819 (1 skein, 18 count)

Suggested floss for Moon Cat Alternate pattern (refer to picture with dark Aida cloth background):
– DMC D01 (1 skein, 18 count)
– DMC D422 (1 skein, 18 count)
– DMC D729 (2 skeins, 18 count)
– DMC D780 (1 skein, 18 count)
– DMC D819 (1 skein, 18 count)
– DMC D822 (1 skein, 18 count)


Stitches: 115 W x 120 H


11 count Aida: 10.5 inch W x 10.9 inch H
14 count Aida: 8.2 inch W x 8.6 inch H
18 count Aida: 6.4 inch W x 6.7 inch H
28 count Aida: 4.1 inch W x 4.3 inch H


11 count Aida: 266 mm W x 277 mm H
14 count Aida: 209 mm W x 218 mm H
18 count Aida: 162 mm W x 169 mm H
28 count Aida: 104 mm W x 109 mm H


Floss skein quantity below is based on 18 count aida.

DMC 422 (Hazelnut Brown LT): 2
DMC 803 (Baby Blue UL VY DK): 2
DMC 819 (Baby Pink LT): 1
DMC 1 (White Tin): 1
DMC 729 (Old Gold MD): 2
DMC 780 (Topaz UL VY DK): 1
DMC 819 (Baby Pink LT): 1
DMC 822 (Beige Gray LT): 1